BIG 5 risks if supply fails

Water Researcher Anthony Turton calls them the big five.

The risks that ordinary individuals are highly likely to encounter as water supply fails. The first is low pressure that will effect high-lying areas in reduced volumes and flows. The second are airlocks, and the third is sudden water loss due to

Low dam levels

Low dam Levels

system breakdown. Fourth is the ingress of dirty water into the pipe systems when a vacuum occurs as high-lying areas drain, and fifth is deteriorating water quality. This arises from the fact that up to 75 percent of our dams are contaminated with sewerage not removed by treatment plants.

Turton suggests people do two things: Ensure adequate on-site storage of clean water to get them through a short term breakdown in supply. Buy a water treatment unit capable of dealing with bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Article in Saturday Star 14/11/15