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Preventing Evaporation By Using Mulches

To prevent the water held in the soil from evaporating the soil needs a cover. In fact you should feel uneasy when you see bare land-it’s like skin with a layer missing. The most effective way to protect soil is to use mulches. Mulch is a layer over the soil which protects it from the damaging effects of wind, sun and water. Mulches have several special functions and multiple benefits: They reduce soil evaporation and therefor inhibit soil salination and general water loss, thereby saving water They increase water infiltration […]

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rain harvesting poster 2

Rain Harvesting for your toilet and washing machine

Now is the time to harvest your rain water and use it in your home. The simplest way to do this, is to use your harvested rain water in the toilet and washing machine. In this way you can cover two thirds of your house hold water usage during winter, the balance being your personal washing and drinking water. The basic requirements are: a roof a gutter system a down pipe and filter screen a water tank a small pump, pressure controller and filter and pipe work to connect it all […]

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Hot Compost 5


Hot Composting, Step By Step   DAY 1 Mix together ingredients by laying then in alternating thin layers of “greens” and “browns”. Wet the compost heap down very well so it is dripping water out of the bottom and is saturated. §  Can put activator in the middle of compost heap to start off composting process. Activators include comfrey, nettles, yarrow, animal, fish, urine, or old compost.   DAY 4 Turn the compost heap over, outside turned to inside, inside turned to outside. To explain in more detail, when turning […]

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sustainable living

Can we rely on our government providing us with basic services like security, energy, water and food?

Does living sustainability also mean being independent in our primary needs from government? As it is, many people are already hiring their own security services, investing in solar energy and more recently investing in their own water security by harvesting, storing and purifying rain water to reuse in their homes. The next frontier now may very well be producing their own food. An efficient government/producer providing these primary services in large qualities of scale should be able to do so very cost efficiently. Logic would dictate that smaller individual installations […]

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leaking irrigation sprinkler valve

Is your irrigation system leaking?

It’s not unusual to find a water meter registering flow even though all the taps are off. This can be attributed to your irrigation systems solenoid valves leaking. Unfortunately it is not always easy to see if the solenoid values are leaking, as the water can exit the irrigation zone in an area that is not visible, and even small leaks over time become big bills. The best way to check for leaking values, is to first determine if your water meter registers flow when all the taps are off. […]

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mandatory water restrictions

Level 2 Water Restrictions, What It Means To You…

Water restrictions The City of Cape Town Council has approved Level 2 water restrictions, applicable from 1 January 2016. As we are situated in a water-scarce region, the City imposes Level 1 restrictions (10% water savings) at all times. Because the City’s dam levels are lower than the norm, Level 2 restrictions (20% savings) have been approved to preserve the long-term sustainability of the resource. 20% reduction water tariffs With Level 2 restrictions approved, customers will be charged from 1 January 2016 according to 20% reduction tariffs (water | sanitation) […]

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Saving virtual water


Could You Be Saving More Water?  Yard Smarts: It’s summertime, which means our yards and gardens need watering. Outdoor watering accounts for approximately 40% of household water use, so conserving as you care for your yard can have a big impact on your water consumption. Smart Move #1: If you have a lawn, manage it carefully. Lawns not suited for their climates can be real water hogs. Check with your local garden center about the right type of grass for your region, and water it infrequently but deeply. Better still, let it […]

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water crisis, boy gathering water

The Water Crisis is Solvable

Water Facts When the available potable water within a region is less than what the region demands, there is a water crisis. To survive, a person needs to drink 2-4 liters of potable water each day. When cooking, bathing, and cleaning are accounted for as well, the average person requires more like 20-50 liters per day.2 Today: 748 million people are without access to safe drinking-water.2 Approximately 1.4 billion people live in river basins where usage exceeds water recharge rates.3 97.5% of the water on Earth is saltwater. Of the […]

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Grey Water Sprinkler

Why use grey water?

Reduces our need for freshwater Places less strain on our overloaded treatment plants Our soil its more effective in purification than our treatment plants Our groundwater is recharged It supports plant growth It increased our awareness of, and sensitivity to, natural cycles

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Water Restrictions

What not to do during restrictions

Under level 2 water restrictions, residents will have to abide by a series of stringent regulations which include: No watering the garden or grassed areas between 09h00 and 16h00, people using boreholes are also not exempt No watering within 24 hours of rainfall that provides adequate saturation Hosepipes and sprinklers can only be used on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during approved hours and for no longer than an hour in total Where a hosepipe is used a controlling device must be attached to the end No washing or hosing down […]

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