How much water should I be using?

The average consumption in mid-income houses is between 350 to 400 liters per person per day. More efficient Use Water Wiselycountries sit at about 180 liters per person per day.

So how much water would be used if one person:

  • Uses the toilet 4 times a day (@11 liters/flush)=44 liters
  • Showers once a day (@10 liters/min for 5 min)=50 liters
  • Hand washes 4 times a day (@2 liters per wash)=8 liters
  • Brushes teeth twice a day (@2 liters per brush)=4 liters
  • Does dishes twice 2 per day (@ 20 liters per wash)=40 liters
  • Uses 2 liters of cooking and drinking water per day= 2 liters
  • Does 2 loads of laundry per week (50 liters per load)=14 liters ave/day

That then adds up to 162 liters per day per person (with a possible 96 liters of grey water per day!!!) or 4935 liters per month at 2929 liters of possible grey water per person per month.

Not too bad so far especially if one would re-use the grey water in the garden. (using Water Rhapsody’s grey water system)

However, a large part of our water consumption is in the garden and the pool.

As an example, irrigating for just 40 min every second day at an ave flow rate of 24 l/min uses 960 liters or 14 400 liters per month!  Now compare that to your household usage!

Looking at the pool, a 2 min backwash on average will produce around 450 to 550 liters of back wash water per week, and will send about 2000 liters down the sewer line per month.  Quite staggering isn’t it.

So how can Water Rhapsody help you to conserve water.

  • By fitting our Multi-Flush system in your toilets up to 35% of the water used in toilets can be saved
  • Typically 60% of all your house hold water is grey water, which can be re-used in the garden with our Water Rhapsody grey water systems
  • Our Pool Side tank system will floculate your backwash water and send it back to the pool, saving the water and the chemicals
  • In addition our rain water harvesting systems will significantly supplement our water needs, especially if used in the home with our Grand Opus system.

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