Water Conservation products

  1. Water Tanks
  2. Installing Water tanks
  3. Installing Water tanks for irrigation
  4. Grey Water System for irrigating your garden- For a demonstration click on Garden Rhapsody in the animated demo below below
  5. Rainwater Harvesting System for use in home- For demonstration click on Rain Runner in the animated Demo below
  6. Multiflush – For demonstration click on Multiflush in the animated demo below
  7. Re-using grey water for flushing toilets – For demonstration of this commercial product click on Second Movement
  8. Re-using backwashed pool water – Click on Poolside Tank

Water Purification Product

  1. Water purification system using filters, ultra violet and activated carbon treatment

Energy Conservation products

  1. Solarpanel (PV) technology to power your home. [non-grid tied]
  2. Grid tied technology. – Available but at present uneconomical
  3. Direct Current from solar panels (PV) to a DC element in your existing geyser. AC backup for cloudy days and surplus energy back into product 1 above