Steps to Rain Harvesting

Steps to Rain Harvesting-Part 1

  • Determine your intention: Why harvest rain water:
    1. To use in the garden
      1. Dispersed under gravity
      2. Pumped
      3. Connected into your existing irrigation system
    2. To use in your home
      1. Supplying water to the washing machine
      2. Supplying water to the toilets
      3. Supplying water into the whole house
      4. Used as a water reserve
  • Determine the quantity of water required and in what season
  • Determine the gutter outlets (and square meters roof) available to harvest rain water
  • Determine your rain harvest potential:
    1. Roof area available (eg: 100m2)
    2. Annual rain fall in your area (eg: 500mm per year)
    3. Expected rain harvest =area*mm rain (100*500=50,000 litres per year)
  • Determine your tank size:
  • Determine your water tank location
  • Determine the filter box (Rain Runner) sizing and location
  • Determine the method used to get the rain harvest into the water tank
    1. Direct feed from gutter outlet to water tank (this limited method only allows 1-2 gutter outlets to be led into the water tank as well as being very limited to tank locations)
    2. Ring main, which will allow the potential to connect all the gutter outlets and place the tank in a more suitable location
  • Other considerations include:
    1. The height differential between the gutter outlet and the top of the tank
    2. Access or restrictions to get the water tank in its preferred location (walls, electric fences, ect)
  • Other extras:
    1. First flush system
    2. Tank gauge

Part 2 will look at the steps to get the water from the water tank to its desired location.

Writen by: Water Rhapsody Atlantic